UNILIV brings together two top jewelry brands: STEEL & BARNETT for men and YSA for women. We're the name behind the style.


Jewelry Made Right

Under UNILIV, STEEL & BARNETT creates cool bracelets and jewelry just for men, while YSA crafts beautiful pieces tailored for women. Both brands ensure top-notch quality and design.


For Everyone, Everywhere

While we have brands for both men and women, our love for quality and style knows no bounds. We're proud that our jewelry is loved worldwide.


Two Brands, One Big Family

While STEEL & BARNETT and YSA have their own styles, they both call UNILIV home. Together, they show what we stand for: quality, style, and elegance.


Doing Our Part

UNILIV isn't just about business. Like our brands, we believe in giving back. We support projects that make a difference in our community.



✓ Home to top men's and women's jewelry brands

✓ All about quality, style, and design

✓ Two unique brands, one strong family

✓ We care about our community

✓ Our B2B platform is friendly and straightforward

Meet the Owners


Yoshi and Steffie, the entrepreneurial spirits behind STEEL & BARNETT, have more than one reason to celebrate. Not only are they life partners of over eight years, committed to crafting impeccable jewelry, but they've also expanded their business horizon with the introduction of a second brand in 2023, YSA Jewelry, specializing in women's jewelry. The couple has discovered that when you have the right partner and aligned goals, the possibilities are endless. Finding someone who believes in you as much as you believe in yourself can be a game-changer.


In addition to being business mavens, they are also devoted parents to their toddler, Alix. She has been a significant part of their success narrative and is included in every aspect of both brands from ideating new styles for STEEL & BARNETT and YSA Jewelry to conceptualizing innovative packaging. Yoshi and Steffie make it a point to ensure Alix knows she's loved every day, reinforcing the family values that are the bedrock of their enterprise.


Since launching STEEL & BARNETT, and subsequently YSA Jewelry, Yoshi and Steffie have elevated their business to an international level. Their products are now distributed in over ten countries globally. Both brands adhere to a commitment to provide stellar service while maintaining high-quality standards at every stage of production. Forever innovators, Yoshi and Steffie are often experimenting with new designs for both STEEL & BARNETT and YSA Jewelry, whether at home or in their office. They relish the opportunity to connect with customers who share their deep passion for jewelry, regardless of the brand they choose.